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Cases we have handled


♦ Our clients had acquired an engineering company, E Limited, based on the Slough Estate. The company’s largest client was Mars plc and E Limited provided on-site engineering support. Our clients had invested all their funds in acquiring this long established business but soon realised that buyers from Mars were expecting bribes for the placing of new purchase orders. We met with our clients, who explained that they had no funds to seek a recovery so we helped to guide them as to how to establish the extent of the fraud. Over a two year period, with our guidance, they untangled a web of corruption and fraud stretching back at least 7 years and probably longer. We tried to assist them by introducing them to solicitors in the hope of arranging a conditional fee arrangement for a civil recovery but this was unsuccessful. They took the matter to the police and after a further 18 months participated in a successful criminal prosecution of the previous owners of E Limited and buyers at Mars. The previous owners received custodial sentences of in excess of 7 years. The judge at the criminal trial was so impressed by our clients that she deferred criminal asset confiscation proceedings whilst our clients could pursue civil recovery. Armed with the criminal judgement we were able to assist our clients in obtaining success based fee arrangements with both solicitor and counsel, with ourselves acting as expert advisors and preparing the financial evidence and consequential loss claims. In 2008 our client won £8.3million in damages against the assets already frozen as a result of the criminal prosecution.  This case centred around fraudulent misrepresentations in the sale contract and the civil recovery was based on the breach of warranties caused by the frauds of the previous owners – Re 4 Eng Limited

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