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Cases we have handled


Determining the true ownership of assets claimed as matrimonial assets in a divorce   

Our client and his wife were owners of a hotel management company that had invested in a number of hotels in Egypt in the early 1990's. For various reasons the Egyptian government had sequestrated the hotels and despite numerous legal actions our client had been          unable to obtain compensation. In due course he made a claim against the Egyptian Government in the International Court for the             Settlement of Investment Disputes and after several years of arbitration obtained a judgement to the value of $21 million. Our clients         company distributed a substantial part of this settlement to joint venture parties who claimed that they had provided the bulk of the            funding, both of the investment and the subsequent litigation. The wife claimed that no such JV parties existed and for security reasons    they refused to give evidence or reveal their names. We were instructed to demonstrate that our client never had sufficient funds to meet the
substantial investment or the subsequent legal actions Re: F&F                                                                                                                        

Locating assets hidden in a divorce

Our client was the wife in the proceedings and discovered at the time of divorce that her husband had been leading a double life. During the course of investigations it was discovered that he had secretly acquired extremely valuable property but had hidden its ownership. We were retained to prove he owned the property and demonstrate that because it comprised of several inter-linked properties its true value was substantially higher than the value of the individual components Re: G