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Cases we have handled


IT  fraud investigation at a foreign bank

♦        We were instructed by a major Global bank to assist in the investigation and recovery of funds fraudulently removed from a subsidiary in Prague by the Head of IT. In conjunction  with the banks own fraud investigators in excess of $6 million was recovered. As part of the investigation we formed part of the team that conducted a full examination of the banks IT records as well as personal files of the Head of IT. It was this aspect that uncovered the full extent of the fraud perpetrated and actually helped located assets since the fraudster held much of this information in encoded files on his personal laptop. A film was made of this major compliance breach extracts of which are shown in our Fraud Section. – Re G

Procurement fraud within a Government agency

♦        Monica Bond acted as an expert assisting the Ministry of Defence Police into a major procurement fraud relating to  housing contracts. The allegations involved a wide spread conspiracy and she used i2 software to map the inter-relationships between the suspects so as to identify the evidence supporting the conspiracy connections – Re M