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Cases we have handled


We have undertaken a wide variety of cases where we have acted as financial experts both for the prosecution and for the defence. Our case file goes right back to the early 1990's when Monica Bond was a partner at Grant Thornton.

Search and seizure in drugs proceeds confiscation

Monica Bond acted for the police as an expert where premises were being raided to seize and freeze the assets of suspected drugs traffickers. Re: Operation F

Criminal fraud

Monica Bond acted in part of the case against directors of BCCI where clients had been defrauded of a substantial shipment of oil and the proceeds laundered through BCCI Re- AG

Tracing the funding of arms smuggling

Monica Bond was instructed by Times Newspapers to assist in an investigative article on arms smuggling to Croatia in the 1990's and the network of companies used to funnel the proceeds of crime to the purchasing operation Re - ZT


The firm has been frequently instructed where employees are suspected of theft. Typically these case are where we act for the defence when an employer has detected theft but weaknesses in their systems mean that it is unclear who is the thief and how much has actually been stolen. Re - LD

Money Laundering

The firm has handled a wide variety of money laundering prosecutions. We have particularly specialised in an area called "cuckoo smurfing" where an innocent associate of a criminal is persuaded by deception and a close personal relationship to, unwittingly, handle the proceeds of crime. Re - F

Confiscation Hearings

We have been instructed on quite a few occasions in relation to criminal confiscation hearings. In 2004 we acted for the defence in the DTI's largest criminal fraud confiscation hearing Re - GS

Forgery / Proceeds of Crime

In 2009 we were instructed in a criminal defence where the client was accused of being involved a conspiracy to defraud the Home Office arising from the issuance of false educational certificates. Re -RS

Unlawful money lending

We were instructed to act for the defence of a person accused of breaching the Consumer Credit Act by entering into unregulated money lending schemes. Re - IW