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Cases we have handled


Hidden Divorce Assets:

♦      In 2007 we were instructed by South African Lawyers to assist their client, a women who had been divorced several years ago. The former wife believed that the husband had failed to disclose some of his assets.

Within one month we discovered shares that he had hidden and share options that were worth at current value nearly £200,000. This represented an addition of nearly 40% on the original divorce settlement – Re MvJ

Proceeds of fraud:

♦    We were instructed by UK solicitors to assist their client, Lord G, who had been defrauded of £10 million in family trust assets by what is known as an advanced fee fraud combined with a  Ponzi  scheme. We provided expert advice in obtaining a Freezing Order and Search Order against the alleged fraudster. By this means the client recovered all his money that was frozen in multiple offshore bank accounts. This recovery was achieved within six weeks of instruction. – Re Lord G Recovery

♦        We were instructed by UK solicitors acting for a Canadian client who had been defrauded of several million pounds in an Advanced Fee fraud perpetrated by individuals based in the UK. We provided expert advice in obtaining a Freezing Order and Search Order against the alleged fraudster. The Search Order was conducted at multiple UK locations and resulted in a full recovery. The case continued with a professional negligence claim against an accountant where we also gave expert advice. – Re H

♦       We were instructed by a major global bank to assist in the investigation and recovery of funds fraudulently removed from a subsidiary in Prague by the Head of IT. In conjunction  with the bank's own fraud investigators in excess of $6 million was recovered. A film was made of this major compliance breach extracts of which are shown in our Fraud Section. – Re GEC

Financial service irregularities/fraud/professional negligence

♦        We were instructed by liquidators to investigate the activities of an insurance group operating in the UK and Gibraltar. We uncovered a fraud on bondholders, whose origins were in the early 1990’s but had been hidden by account ting manipulation so that the full extent of the fraud was not revealed until 2005, after the death of the Chairman. Our report has been used as a basis for taking action against the deceased’s estate and various professional advisers. The claims amount to many millions of pounds – Re EAG

♦         Our client had been the Senior Partner in a Law firm based in Mayfair. He had retired from the practice but overlooked the fact that he was still the guarantor of the rent on the firms premises. Some years after retiring the remaining partners filed for bankruptcy and the landlord sought recovery of sums due under the lease by enforcing the rent guarantee. We were asked to establish whether the partners had hidden assets and failed to disclose them at the time of declaring themselves bankrupt. We located substantial trust assets and foreign properties hidden by a partner that led to an out of court settlement agreement on the rent guarantee. – Re B