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Bond Associates undertakes a substantial amount of technical training both in the UK and the rest of the world. The vast majority of this training is in the form of seminars or lectures, however we have also prepared E-learning packages for major organisations and we are currently retained to keep the technical content of a large range of e-learning packages up to date.

In broad terms our training divides between seminars/lectures to professional organisations such as Banking Institutes managed by a country's Central Bank (in Jordan and in Egypt for example), or as training providers to worldwide commercial training organisations. In these cases we are typically lecturing to a wide group of individuals who are employees of different organisations, most typically international or local banks or financial services organisations. In contrast we also undertake training assignments for specific commercial organisations, where the attendees are entirely made up of staff from those organisations.

The scope of our training is wide and over the past ten years we have undertaken specialist lectures on the following subjects:

◊ Anti-Money Laundering (often bespoke for particular countries or particular groups of professionals such as internal auditors)
◊ Fraud prevention, detection, investigation and recoveries (typically for banks and financial services organisations)
◊ Capital adequacy and Basle 2 (this has been primarily for banks moving from traditional capital calculations to new models)
◊ Market abuse regulations (in particular within the UK and to investment firms and hedge funds)
◊ Accounting for derivatives and IAS 39
◊ Regulatory compliance for Bankers (primarily Market Conduct, Market Abuse, Conduct of Business Regulations, Financial Crime and AML, Market in Financial Instruments Directive and various areas on Risk and Regulatory Capital)
◊ Risk assessment, mitigation and management for bankers ( primarily, credit risk, operational risk, market risk, foreign exchange risk, commodity position risk, counterparty risk and securities option position risk)
◊ Risk evaluation (organisational structures, evaluation techniques and tools, monitoring processes, control frameworks etc)

The type of audience that we lecture to has also been wide:

◊ Our typical audience has been lectures to professional people within banks and financial services organisations such as insurance companies or investment brokerages and typically to groups of up to 25 attendees.
◊ We have lectured to frontline staff, particularly on anti-money laundering procedures in banks and other financial service companies. We have in addition prepared e-learning packages for this level of staff covering both fraud and AML.
◊ We have provided specific training tailored to the needs of parts of the UK Government including semi-autonomous bodies. This has included specialist lecturing to Country Directors as well as persons responsible for worldwide internal audit.

We have conducted lectures throughout the world:

In the Middle East we regularly lecture at the Institute of Banking Studies in Jordan and the Egyptian Banking Institute both of whom are facilities funded by commercial banks and the country's central bank.
In the Far East we have been lecturing over the last few years both in China and Hong Kong on Anti-Money Laundering procedures.
In South America, Monica Bond has lectured in both Argentina and in Panama for FINCEN, part of the US Treasury on Anti-Money Laundering procedures.
In the UK we have lectured on a full range of topics to a wide audience that has in the past included the Police and Credit Reference Agencies

We show on the subsequent page on lecturing and training both our forthcoming assignments plus feedback from lecturing assignments over the past year.