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Technical Papers


In September 1994, Monica Bond was the author of Edition 324 of the Accountants Digest covering "Money Laundering", whilst she was a partner with Grant Thornton. The Accountants Digest was published by Accountancy Books which is an associated part of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. If you wish for a copy of this publication please request it via the email link below.

E-Learning Packages:

In 2009 we provided all the technical content for an E-Learning package prepared for the British Council and covering Fraud detection and prevention. The project included the provision of a detailled on-line anti-fraud manual for the organisation available to staff via their intranet.

In 2009 we reviewed all the existing E-learning packages for a major training organisation based in the UK and brought them up to date so as to reflect the latest legal and regulatory position plus ensuring that they also reflected the most current practice. Modules included:-

♦ Regulations concerning Approved Persons
♦ Financial Crime
♦ Regulation of Financial Promotions
♦ Regulation of Unit Trusts
♦ Regulation of open-ended investment companies
♦ The Patriot Act
♦ Treating customers fairly

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