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Adrian Bond MSc ACA

Adrian Bond is a Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years experience at senior level and is a

founding director of Bond Associates Limited.

After qualifying with Ernst and Young in 1982, Adrian moved into Industry holding the roles of

finance director, general manager and managing director in a variety of companies. For many

years, Adrian fulfilled the role of company doctor, going into new acquisitions either to sell them

off, expand them or change strategies. In that capacity he ran companies with many hundreds of

employees, acted for venture capitalists in taking companies to the market and actively managed foreign subsidiaries. In 1995 he acquired one of the companies that he was “doctoring” and took this through to disposal in 2000.

In 1999 Adrian became active in the creation of Bond Associates and has been involved in many of its cases and financial investigations since.

Adrian’s specialist areas include:-
Fraud recoveries– he has acted as expert advisor on some of the largest fraud cases handled by Bond Associates, notably those described in the Fraud and Financial Services section of this website. He was particularly proud to be the expert on case 4Eng Limited where our clients recovered £8.1 million in relation to fraudulent misrepresentations at the time of their purchase of a business. 

Civil litigation – he has acted as an expert in a wide variety of civil litigation matters. Some of these are set out in the Civil Litigation section of this web site. Adrian acted as the expert advisor in case SW where we turned round a claim of £350,000 against our client to a damages award of £225,000

Regulatory investigations – Adrian has been deeply involved as an expert advisor in investigating the conduct of a publicly quoted and regulated UK insurance group that went in liquidation in 2005 (Case EAG). His report identified fraud going back to at least the late 1990’s and probably earlier. The fraud involved the issuing of bonds and then using the proceeds to fund the repayment of earlier bonds where asset security had eroded. The bond holders were defrauded of in excess of £12 million plus interest.

Divorce Assets – Adrian has been involved in a variety of divorce matters, typically involving the tracing of undisclosed marital assets. In 2007, Adrian acted as an Expert Witness in a major divorce settlement where the ownership of some £16 million of assets was disputed. The assets arose from a complex arbitration settlement in the International Court for the Settlement of Investment Disputes. The complexity of the case led to a divorce action lasting from 2004 through to 2008. (see Case F&F)

Money Laundering and Counter measures – Adrian Bond like Monica Bond lectures on anti-money laundering legislation. He has also acted as an expert in a variety cases where money laundering has been alleged. He was particularly pleased where he acted for the defence in a case that involved what is termed “cuckoo smurfing” where an innocent woman was induced through friendship during a vulnerable period of her life to hold assets that were actually the proceeds of crime (see case F )

Adrian regularly lectures throughout the world on Anti-money laundering procedures, Fraud prevention, detection, investigation and recovery and on banking regulatory compliance with a special emphasis on capital adequacy, Basle II and accounting for complex financial instruments. In the current year Adrian has also presented lectures on Market Abuse & MiFID to a wide range of financial services companies.

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