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Our work under the category of Civil Litigation and Arbitration is diverse.

It can range from contract disputes where losses have to be calculated and

assets valued, to arbitration in civil actions where losses have to be identified

and calculated.

The following are some of the broad areas in which we have acted:-

  • Restraint of trade where an employer sued under the terms of a contract of employment and obtained an interim injunction preventing the employees from trading. When this injunction was overturned damages were sought and we were employed to provide an expert assessment of those losses.

  • Breach of a franchise contract where it was alleged that the purchaser of the franchise had been provided with false forecasts. We were asked to determine whether their forecast was fraudulent or merely misleading and calculate the client’s contractual losses.

  • To determine the value of losses arising from a claim of defamation against Times Newspapers

  • Valuation of a £200 million gas field disposed by administrative receivers in a Pre-Pack arrangement.

  • In an Intellectual Property claim we were asked to assess the copyright holders claim and make an assessment of what losses we believed were due to them for our client’s breach of copyright.

  • Calculating contractual losses and consequential losses where damaged goods were delivered.

  • Calculating losses in a Breach of Warranty claim arising from the provision of false information at the time of the sale of a business.


Often these matters do not proceed to court but are settled either by negotiation or arbitration. Part of our role is to present the financial facts and our expert opinion based on those facts. Our associate firm, Bond Solicitors, is a firm regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and can enable us to provide a full and integrated multi-disciplinary service in this area.

Commercial Litigation

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