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Anti Fraud

The core to our business over many years has been the investigation of actual or suspected fraud.

Our case list is extensive, and with respect to our Principal, Monica Bond, goes back over twenty years.

We have investigated fraud in the following areas:-

  • Frauds perpetrated on individuals

  • Frauds within commercial organisations outside the regulated sector

  • Fraudulent attacks from outside sources on commercial organisations

  • Frauds perpetrated on banks and other financial service organisations

  • Frauds within local government

  • Frauds within central government agencies

In addition we regularly lecture throughout the world on fraud prevention systems, the detection of fraud, the investigation of fraud and the recovery of the proceeds of fraud. We have also been retained both by banks and agencies of the UK government to implement anti-fraud policies and procedures including Fraud Prevention manuals and E-Learning modules.


Clearly our most important objective is the recovery of funds lost through fraud and this is examined separately within the section of this site dedicated to asset recovery.

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